Safe, functional, durable and efficient

In a world with increasing focus on a healthy and appetizing diet Bouwhuis Enthoven is in the forefront of innovation and development.

With the close cooperation of our customers we develop safe, functional, economically priced and sustainably produced egg products for the food industry. The fresh eggs from which such products are manufactured are laid in hen friendly housing systems.

Among many important certifications Bouwhuis Enthoven is ISO, HACCP and BRC accredited.

Our cutting edge production facilities, accumulated knowledge and integration within the Gebr, Van Beek group provides the solid foundation from which to realise these ambitions.

Food safety  

Bouwhuis Enthoven delivers safe egg products. That is second nature to us. With the décor of our processes, we exclude infections. Our pasteurization processes are validated and thus effective. In addition, our staff is continuously trained in food safety.

product control

high technology

process control

skilled employees

We provide certified confirmation of product quality.  By clicking the logos on the left you will be presented with specific product quality certification.