Bouwhuis Enthoven has a rich past. By now more than 100 years have passed. 

The oldest foundations of building House Edge are near airport Schiphol in the Haarlemmermeer.

We are of course very proud and gladly take you back in time chronologically:

1891 Dirk Enthoven is keeping chickens and sells eggs on a local base. Later he sells the eggs in Haarlem, then across the country and from there to Germany.

Around 1950 as the son-and later the grandsons- take over one produces egg products in addition to the eggs trade. A successful choice. So much successful that around 1980 the decision is made to stop the eggs trade and focus exclusively on egg products.

1986 in addition to the already successful crystallised egg white one starts with producing egg white powder and almost simultaneously with the extraction of lysozyme from egg white.

1901 Mr Dieks Bouwhuis buys the farmyard 'The Rabberij' in Broekland. From the start there is a shop at the farm. Next to his farmers work, Dieks also works with his horse-drawn carriage farmers to peddle with grutters. It happens regularly that he receives no money for the delivered goods, but in return get eggs and trades those again. In this way slowly but surely an egg trade starts.

1911 Next to the farm a large house is built, in which a grocery shop, a warehouse for the egg trade and a café is located. This remarkable combination persists until the 1970s.
As with Enthoven the trade itself geographically expands quickly. Before the war egg are already being exported to England. After the war the emphasis is especially aimed on Germany.

Around 1956 The manufacturingof egg products starts, which soon is an important activity of the company.

1988 Bouwhuis Egg Products is taken over by Gebroeders Van Beek, which put the first steps in the production of egg products. Almost immediately is is decided that new construction should be built in the nearby Raalte, where a new industrial area brings better opportunities. Fom the moment of commissioning of this building, the manufacturing of liquid egg products is the main activity.

Soon it turns out the combination of the packing station of Gebroeders Van Beek and the production of egg products is a golden trade. Bouwhuis grows huge in 10 years time and soon becomes one of the most prominent producers of liquid egg products.
Already at the new construction around 1990 it is taken into account that one day also dry egg products will be products at Bouwhuis.

2001 This becomes reality in 2001 when Bouwhuis has the opportunity to take over Enthoven in Zwaanshoek. The drying processes of Enthoven are integrated into the liquid production of Bouwhuis and the combination is a fact.

2005 this period is officially completed in 2005. From now on, with one name out: Bouwhuis Enthoven.

2012 In 2012 Gebr. Van Beek BV and Good International B.V. (Adriaan Good b.v) come to a far-reaching, long-term cooperation agreement.

Both family-owned businesses have a very long history in the processing of eggs. This cooperation makes it possible for both companies to further enhance their market position, by making use of each other's strong points in the processing of the eggs. Both companies continue as an independent company active in the market.

Adriaan Good B.V. is specialized in producing egg powders. In addition to egg white powders also egg yolk and egg yolk powders are produced, where especially in the 'yellow powders' some special variants are produced.

In recent years Bouwhuis Enthoven has developed into a specialist for the whole range of egg products. Being part of the Gebr. Van Beek Group, Bouwhuis Enthoven with the production of eggs by means of own contract-poultry farmers. As a result, there is a full traceability of the eggs, even traceable to food and chicken. And this for more than 7 million chickens spread across all types of farming.

Together, Gebr. Van Beek BV and Good International BV offer their customers a full range of egg products and in addition the qualitative assurance by two certified production sites. In addition,necessary efficiency gains are obtained for the customer by exploiting the many synergy opportunities.

Food safety  

Bouwhuis Enthoven delivers safe egg products. That is second nature to us. With the décor of our processes, we exclude infections. Our pasteurization processes are validated and thus effective. In addition, our staff is continuously trained in food safety.

high technology

product control

skilled employees

process control

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