A convenience product for the food industry.

The product portfolio of Bouwhuis Enthoven contains fluid and dried egg products. In addition we also supply freshly boiled and peeled eggs.

Are you a producer of egg salads or other convenience products in which boiled and peeled eggs are key in the receipe? You can always rely on the quality of Bouwhuis Enthoven.

Our team of specialists supports you whenever needed regarding productdevelopment, packaging and quality control. The boiled and peeled fresh eggs, we are processing, are produced on known and contracted layerfarms of the Gebroeders Van Beek Group. Our product can be tracked and traced for 100%. Production facilities are IFS, BRC and HACCP approved. The appropriate certificates of confirmation are dispatched with all products.

There are 12 different types of brine available. Next to that we have developed various Taylormade brines in close cooperation with our customers.

For each type of production process Bouwhuis Enthoven does have a packaging solution. We have available stainless steel containers ( 800 kg drain weight), Foodgrade plastic Hoppers ( 800 kg drain weight)< buckets  (6 kg drainweight) or so called ATMO packaging in various sizes.

Enjoy the quality and taste of the freshly boiled and peeled eggs of Bouwhuis Enthoven!


  • Complies with EU regulations 1999/74 
  • 750 cm2 – 890 cm²/chicken
  • 60 chickens/compartment
  • 'privacy' by means of curtain in nest 
  • With possibility for nail maintenance


Barn eggs

  • Floor – Aviary system in which hens can move freely 
  • 9 chickens/m² 
  • Group size 6000 chickens 
  • Separate nests presence of daylight windows

Free range stable

  • stable can be compared to barn housing system
  • 9 chickens/m²
  • group size: 6,000 chickens chickens
  • free range chickens also have availability to a covered spout (Wintergarten)
  • there is daily offered outdoor acces to 10,000 m² per 2,500 chickens. Here they can show their natural behavior

Organic eggs

  • Chickens are fed organic food
  • 6 hens per m²
  • Group size 3,000
  • Organic chickens have outdoor access of 10,000 m² per 2,500 chickens. Here they can show their natural behavior 
  • Untreated beaks 


Available eggs


Barn eggs

Free range


Food safety  

Bouwhuis Enthoven delivers safe egg products. That is second nature to us. With the décor of our processes, we exclude infections. Our pasteurization processes are validated and thus effective. In addition, our staff is continuously trained in food safety.

skilled employees

high technology

process control

product control

We provide certified confirmation of product quality.  By clicking the logos on the left you will be presented with specific product quality certification.