Dried egg products

Bouwhuis Enthoven's dried egg products are tailor-made and combine excellent functionality, long shelf life and a decrease in your final production costs.

We deliver a broad spectrum of products which include whole egg powder, yolk powder and dried egg white powder of distinctive quality.

There are various options.

Egg white powder
Applications egg white powder

Hen egg albumen is used in a broad spectrum of food products.

In confectionary for its foaming properties, in meat and fish products for its binding capacities, and in noodles and vegitarian foods for its ability to produce texture.

Productieproces eiwitpoeder

Verse kippeneieren worden op geavanceerde machines gebroken en gescheiden in eidooier en eiwit. Hierbij wordt besmetting van de ei-inhoud zoveel mogelijk vermeden. Het eiwit wordt vervolgens gefermenteerd.

Specifications egg white powder

Bouwhuis Enthoven can deliver five main types of egg white powder:

  1. Egg white powder  Gel (HG), with distinctive binding properties. Eggxelent gel can be used in meat and fish products.
Crystallised egg white
Applications crystallised egg white

Crystal protein is used for a airy filling of confectionery, and is used where a good foam volume must be accompanied by a stable foam. Crystallised egg white by Bouwhuis Enthoven offers this unique combination.

Production proces crystallised egg white

Fresh chicken eggs are broken on advanced machines into egg yolk and egg white. Bacteriological infections of the egg contents are avoided as much as possible.

The egg white is then fermented.

Specifications crystallised egg white

There are three types of crystallised egg white, each with a different particle size:

medium 1.4 – 8 mm;

fine 0.6 – 1.4 mm;

XF < 0.25 mm.

All these types are available based on the various housing systems.

Egg yolk powder
Applications egg yolk powder

In addition to dry mixes egg yolk powder can also be used in sauces, noodles and bakery products.

Production proces egg yolk powder

Fresh hen eggs are broken by special machines which separate the contents into egg yolk and egg white. Great care is taken to minimise the possibility of bacterial contamination.

Specifications egg yolk powder

You decide which products we carry:

  • based on eggs from different housing systems, such as barn eggs, free range eggs, organic eggs etc.
Whole egg powder
Applications whole egg powder

Whole egg powder can be applied in dry mixes. In addition, the products are used in sauces, pasta and bakery products.

Productieproces heeleipoeder

Fresh chicken eggs are broken on high-end machines. Bacterial infection of the egg's contents is avoided as much as possible. For the production of egg powder we start from a mixture of egg yolk and egg white.

Specifications whole egg powder

Tailor-made products - the choice is yours

  • based on eggs from different housing systems, such as barn eggs, free range eggs, organic eggs etc.


Applications lysozyme

Lysozyme can be applied as a specific preservative against gram-positive bacteria in many food and beverage products.

Production proces lysozyme

Fresh chicken eggs are broken on special machines and separated into egg yolk and egg white. With a special separation technique the lysozyme is extracted from the protein.

Specifications lysozyme

Lysozyme is available both as a dried or liquid product. We would be pleased to advise you as to the detailed use and properties of both forms of this product.

Knowledge provider

Cooperation with our customers is central to our approach

By bundling your knowledge of the end product and our knowledge of the egg product, we can enter new roads. This can lead to a more efficient use of your raw materials, a more efficient production process or a whole new end product.

We invite you contact us!

Supply Chain

By the unique approach of the Gebr. Van Beek Group, Bouwhuis Enthoven is able to use only raw materials that meet the highest quality requirements. Within the Gebr. Van Beek Group we collaborate intensively with over 180 independently enterprising poultry farmers. With more than 7 million laying hens throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany these contracted companies daily supply fresh eggs.

Through this unique collaboration a full traceability is guaranteed. We know of each batch of finished product exactly where the eggs come from and how they are produced. This provides you with the desired security and food safety at any time.



  • Complies with EU regulations 1999/74 
  • 750 cm2 – 890 cm²/chicken
  • 60 chickens/compartment
  • 'privacy' by means of curtain in nest 
  • With possibility for nail maintenance


Barn eggs

  • Floor – Aviary system in which hens can move freely 
  • 9 chickens/m² 
  • Group size 6000 chickens 
  • Separate nests presence of daylight windows

Free range stable

  • stable can be compared to barn housing system
  • 9 chickens/m²
  • group size: 6,000 chickens chickens
  • free range chickens also have availability to a covered spout (Wintergarten)
  • there is daily offered outdoor acces to 10,000 m² per 2,500 chickens. Here they can show their natural behavior

Organic eggs

  • Chickens are fed organic food
  • 6 hens per m²
  • Group size 3,000
  • Organic chickens have outdoor access of 10,000 m² per 2,500 chickens. Here they can show their natural behavior 
  • Untreated beaks 


Available eggs


Barn eggs

Free range


Food safety  

Bouwhuis Enthoven delivers safe egg products. That is second nature to us. With the décor of our processes, we exclude infections. Our pasteurization processes are validated and thus effective. In addition, our staff is continuously trained in food safety.

process control

skilled employees

high technology

product control

We provide certified confirmation of product quality.  By clicking the logos on the left you will be presented with specific product quality certification.