Competitive egg products with added value from our own transparent egg supply chain.

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We want to make the difference as a sustainable partner by focussed interaction with all stakenholders in the production of safe, competitive and functional egg products.
Bouwhuis Enthoven, for your food only.

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SELO mayonnaise days

In August, we at Bouwhuis-Enthoven, together with the company SELO in Hengelo, paid special attention to this product for two days… SELO is a machine builder that supplies equipment for mayonnaise production, among other things.

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  • Chickens are fed organic feed
  • 6 hens per m². 
  • Group size 3,000
  • Organic chickens have outdoor access of 10,000 m² per 2,500 chickens. Here they can show their natural behaviour

Free range

  • Stable can be compared to barn housing system
  • 9 chickens/m²
  • Group size: 6,000 chickens
  • Free range chickens also have availability to a covered area
  • There is daily outdoor access offered to 10,000 m² per 2,500 chickens. Here they can show their natural behaviour

Cage free

  • Floor – Aviary system in which hens can move freely
  • 9 chickens/m²
  • Group size 6000 chickens
  • Separate nests
  • Presence of daylight windows


  • Complies with EU regulations 1999/74
  • 750 cm2 – 890 cm² /chicken
  • 60 chickens/compartment
  • Privacy by menas of curtain in nest
  • With possibility for nail maintenance