SELO mayonnaise days

SELO mayonnaise days

Mayonnaise, one of the most used sauces in the world. And what is an important ingredient for this sauce? Egg!

In August, we at Bouwhuis-Enthoven, together with the company SELO in Hengelo, paid special attention to this product for two days… SELO is a machine builder that supplies equipment for mayonnaise production, among other things.

The first edition of Selo Mayonnaise Days was organized in August 2023. Potential customers from the mayonnaise industry are invited during these days. Customers were introduced to SELO’s machines during a tour and also had the opportunity to attend the presentation of Bouwhuis-Enthoven, the company specialized in egg products, to be informed about all aspects of mayonnaise making.

Egg is an important ingredient to make mayonnaise. A unique opportunity for us as a company to immediately demonstrate the possibilities of our egg yolk products on the SELO installation! A successful day.

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  • Chickens are fed organic feed
  • 6 hens per m². 
  • Group size 3,000
  • Organic chickens have outdoor access of 10,000 m² per 2,500 chickens. Here they can show their natural behaviour

Free range

  • Stable can be compared to barn housing system
  • 9 chickens/m²
  • Group size: 6,000 chickens
  • Free range chickens also have availability to a covered area
  • There is daily outdoor access offered to 10,000 m² per 2,500 chickens. Here they can show their natural behaviour

Cage free

  • Floor – Aviary system in which hens can move freely
  • 9 chickens/m²
  • Group size 6000 chickens
  • Separate nests
  • Presence of daylight windows


  • Complies with EU regulations 1999/74
  • 750 cm2 – 890 cm² /chicken
  • 60 chickens/compartment
  • Privacy by menas of curtain in nest
  • With possibility for nail maintenance